Midwest Modesty Meets High-Tech Momentum

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Innovative & Enterprising Businesses

Midwest Modesty Meets High-Tech Momentum


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Percent Of Jobs In
Advanced Industries

Pedal to the Metal

The Indy Region is well-known as the Racing Capital of the World – but the region is also earning a reputation as the High-Tech Capital of the Midwest, lapping the competition across innovation-driven industries.

An Innovative Ecosystem

Indy has also cracked the top ten in the Kaufmann Index of Growth Entrepreneurship in 2017; an ecosystem of co-working spaces, technology parks (like the 16Tech innovation district) and start-up resources are boosting a homegrown entrepreneurial community:

  • 48 collaborative work spaces, accelerators, and incubators
  • 21 technical assistance centers
  • well beyond 49 financial resources

See the complete ecosystem guide here.

Percent Of Firms With
49 Or Fewer Employees

Leading the Charge

The Indy Region’s leadership is dedicated to furthering the innovation-driven culture. Organizations such as TechPoint are both promoting and celebrating the vibrant culture of innovation here in the Indy Region, creating a national name for Indy’s tech scene while fostering a strong support system for dynamic firms locally. 

The Indy Chamber is engaged in a variety of ways in entrepreneurship– coaching and microlending through the Business Ownership Initiative, supporting the One Million Cups peer-to-peer pitch forum, and organizing entrepreneurial services into an accessible online portal, to name a few. 

Venture Capital Investment Received
$222.7 Mil
Venture Capital Investment Received
Last updated 7/28/2021.
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Gross Regional Product
Last updated 7/28/2021.
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GRP Accelerated by Tech Growth

Add our advocacy for a tech-friendly business climate, high tech utility players, career-focused workforce development, and talent attraction efforts based on a vibrant quality of life, and there’s ample energy fueling a positive trajectory in the ‘innovation economy.’

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