Crossroads of Global Commerce

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Crossroads of Global Commerce

A Competitive Metro

The Indianapolis region is already a powerhouse in global trade, perennially ranked among the top 25 metros (“punching above our weight” relative to population and economic output) in export value, export-related jobs and employment by foreign-owned businesses. 

Export Value
Last updated 9/23/2021.
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Untapped Potential

But in some ways these impressive rankings are precariously built on a narrow base: Half of regional export-related jobs, and nearly 40% of total export volume, come from companies in pharmaceuticals, aerospace, chemicals, auto parts.

These are industries where larger corporate entities tend to drive employment, such as Eli Lilly and Company, Roche Diagnostics, Rolls-Royce, Dow AgroScience and Allison Transmission. 

Moreover, just five firms are responsible for 25% of the region's employment by international companies. 

Direct Export-Supported Jobs
IND Air Cargo Handled
1,010,825 Metric Tons

Strategizing to Grow

The Metro Indy Global Trade and Investment Plan – led by the Indy Chamber in partnership with the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase – identifies significant untapped potential to drive a more diverse and dynamic export and foreign investment sector:

- Encouraging more mid-sized companies to join Indy’s major employers as exporters. 

- Boosting export value and attracting new foreign direct investment by capitalizing on advanced industry strengths – particularly in global health, and making up for missed opportunities in tech services.

- Ensuring we can move people around the world as easily as cargo by increasing direct flights from Indianapolis International Airport

- Putting a global spin on ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ to welcome foreign visitors and employers.

A Global Horizon

Aggressive implementation of this Global Trade and Investment Plan will keep the metrics defining Indy’s international success pointing in the right direction – towards a more expansive global horizon.

Direct Flight Destinations
from IND Airport

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