Tapping Indy’s Talent Potential

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Educated & Talented Workforce

Tapping Indy's Talent Potential


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On The Grow

Progress and population growth have traditionally gone hand-in-hand, and Indy’s transformation from ‘Indy-a-no-place’ has been powered by people: The Indianapolis metropolitan area grew three times faster in the 1990s than the 80s (from 65th to 37th among the top hundred regions in population increases); Indy matched this ranking in the 2000s, and has also outpaced the average growth of major metros since 2010.

Our Future

But talent continues to gain importance as a prerequisite for prosperity, and the Indy region has to raise our sights and keep gaining ground in the competition for human capital.   A strong workforce is the biggest business climate issue for advanced industry employers; it’s no surprise that the largest 100 regions in the nation – with Indy near the middle of the list – are crowded with two-thirds of the U.S. population and 74% of its college graduates, generating two-thirds of all economic output and even higher levels of exports, entrepreneurship and employment gains.

Total Labor Force

Bulding Momentum

The Indy Chamber is rewriting our economic development playbook to make the region a more appealing destination for science, engineering, technology and other smart workers with sought-after skills a top priority, while acting as a champion for education and workforce policies that prepare our homegrown talent to succeed in a higher-skill (and higher-wage) job market.

Through a relentless focus on talent attraction and retention, education advocacy, and pushing employer-driven vocational and post-secondary programs, the Indy Chamber and its partners are eager for increases in high school graduation rates, college attainment, migration to the metro by young workers and other data-driven catalysts for increases in advanced industry, high-tech jobs.

Annual Net Migration Of
25-35 Year Olds
Percent Of Adults Age 25+ With A Bachelor’s Degree Or Higher
Last updated 7/28/2021.
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